•    PLE results/recommendation for S.1 and U.C.E results / recommendation for S.5
  •    Report card from previous school for S.2 & S.3
  •    A signed copy of school rules and regulations (issued out at the time of registration)
  •    2 dozens of black counter books (bought at school) and graph books for each student
  •    A dissecting kit for Biology, lab coat & gloves for ‘A’ level students
  •    A mathematical set, scientific calculator, pens, long ruler, Art book and coloured pencils.
  •    A ream of white photocopier papers (Mondi copy Rex & Dolphin) for tests and exams
  •    A new text book for the school library Title given by school
  •    Every student is required to have a Bible & a Hymn book
  •    Students taking Islam should come with a Quran in addition
  •    Uniforms are available at school. They include; 3 shirts / blouses, 3 trousers/skirts, 2 T-shirts, 1 sweater and a Jumper
  •    At most two pairs of black low heeled shoes for girls and canvas shoes
  •    Two pairs of black shoes for boys and canvas shoes
  •    At least four pairs of white socks for girls and colour for boys
  •    A strong travelling bag.
  •    A mattress, blanket, pillow, 2 pairs of bed sheets and a rectangular mosquito net
  •    A jerrican, a bucket, slippers, low healed open shoes and a big size black shoe polish.
  •    A cup, plate, spoon, folk, knife and flask and an electrical flat iron, 3 plugged
  •    At least 3 bars of washing soap, 4 tablets of bathing soap, ½ kg of omo and a towel.
  •    All students MUST come with 2 black trousers (not jeans)/2 long black Caribbean Skirts for girls and two plain T-shirts , Blue for boys and Red for girls for casual wear (to be brought from home).