Midland High School Kawempe

Witnesses and records educate us that midland high school – Kawempe, Kampala had the most humble of beginnings. It started as a small school within the slum of Kawempe with meager resources and modest buildings to count on. The determined founders set about starting this school in 2000. The humble beginning of this school was noticeable although now you can hardly tell. It’s now a modern school with the best infrastructure, modern classrooms, good and admirable science laboratories, modern computer lab.

With joint efforts and commitment of parents, staff, students and good leadership the school has surmounted the problems associated not only with infant mortality of institutions but also the challenges of adult survival. “The school has good and able parents, disciplined staff and students, the buildings are modern, the facilities are state of art, the discipline in the community is enviable, the performance is excellent and the school is set on higher admirable pedestal of first class.

The school in the bid to consolidate its achievements and to uphold educational excellence, embarked on the expansions, modernization and moral agenda for the school as part of the general strategy in the process of schools facing forward into this millennium. We gave birth to a new baby in the name of Midland High School, Buntaba – Mukono and Luweero